We're up and running again! (How I Restored my Crashed Drive)

Posted by Ferdie Flores, MSCE, Wedding Photographer Philippines

At long last… my laptop is running is again! Whew!

Last Saturday in Macau, I stayed the whole afternoon at home, wasting my time and finding ways to get my machine running! It was a good thing that I persevered and was able to do back-ups of our Macau shoots. I was a bit worried actually… and upon arriving home early morning of Sunday, my hard drive crashed!

item:  Stock hard drive Fujitsu 80GB bundled in HP’s Compaq Presario V3000

After Sunday’s wedding (Telon and Rosemarie’s) I spend hours reviving the drive, forcibly restoring the files… even had a chat with HP’s technical support.  It was a dead drive…. 🙁 they said!

But today, my prayers were answered!  Luckily, I was able to get  “All” files that I wanted from the drive. “all of it, I think! Here’s how I did it (RETRIEVING FILES FROM A CRASHED HARD DISK):

  1. At first, I tried CDR-King’s removable SATA casing drive but to no avail no machine could not detect the crashed drive.
  2. Then I tried a more expensive brand (Transcend) removable casing but got the same thing.
  3. Then I tried a better removable SATA Casing (Asus’ Vento).  Though it’s triple the price of the first, its definitely worth it! Asus’s mobile casing was able to detect the dead drive.
  4. Using “Easy Recovery” program i was able to scan the drive and retrieve 34GB of files! Whew…

Surprisingly, I was trying to access the drive again for a second look but the drive is now totally dead!  Oh well, it served me well…

Lessons learned: always do back-ups especially the important files (such as e-mails/family photos). I nearly lost my most treasured photos of the little Boy’s monthly photos! Sigh! what a relief! 🙂

To my new client friends Jeremy and Vanessa, no worries, I was able to do the back-up before the drive crashed!  I’ll be posting your Venetian, Macau Prenup soon!

So if any of you had  a similar problem, give me heads up and and I’ll be most happy to help out!

Posting more weddings soon! 🙂

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