We're Back Online!

Posted by Ferdie Flores, Philippine Wedding Photographer

What the hell just happened? Our site was down for almost a week! We were busy then during the breakdown, as our domain expired! Carelessness Perhaps? But just a warning to everyone, we got our domain from www.CTCD.com (Cheaper than Cheap Domain), an online domain registrar. We’ve been doing good business with them for the last 3 years. But this time when we were about to renew our domain, the alleged site could not be contacted nor they have replied our e-mails!

Anyway, I hope this won’t happen to you. Please check/verify if your domain, especially if  it’s from www.ctcd.com (cheaper than cheap domain), it may be a idea to transfer the domain before it expires. The said company is GONE, hence, they will not remind you that your domain is due for expiration.

Here’s a thread I found online while sorting things out: http://fromdavidsriver.wordpress.com/2010/04/28/what-happen-to-cheaperthancheapdomains-com/… some say they are scammed, well we were still  fortunate!

Lesson learned? Backup-backup-backup!!!

So if you’re looking for Filipino/Philippine Photographer for Weddings, Debuts, Birthdays or any other Events either here in Manila, or in Destination places, please do consider browsing again through our website.

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