Santa Came Early to Town!!! :)

Posted by Ferdie Flores, MSCE, Phlippines Wedding Photographer

Woweeee! I got my Christmas present early this year!  A brand new 50D!!!

As I  got home late last night from another wedding stint , I saw a big Canon bag at the side of my bed!!! Whooola! It’s a brand new camera!!!

Jeng was intending to get me a 5D, too bad there’s a long queue to get one!

Quickly playing with it, here are some exciting stuffs I found:

1. Nothing much changed from the predecessor 40D, it seems a bit lighter though.
2. Start-up time  got even faster!
3. It’s now 15.1 MP CMOS , but I don’t care, I usually shoot under 8MP anyway!
4. There’s a 2nd curtain feature on the built in flash! Whoa! That’ll come in handy!!!
5. Canon moved the Liveview button at the top left which is good! Usually the camera accidentally hits my hips and turns the liveview feature on…. it certainly drains the batteries.
6. ISO can be set till 3200… I wonder how noisy that’ll be…( I normally only shoot till 800ISO)
7. HDMI? Ahmmm!…  I’ve much to learn!

tell you more soon!!!  I need to play more with it first!

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