Regine @ 18

*shots and graphic works by Jojo A. (megapixels)*Lovely isn’t she?…

Hear ye! Hear ye! Sir Captain of the ship and everyone on/off board, Miss Regine Guevarra is herewith presented… dare to court her!!! Warning, she’s tall, witty, not just pretty! Make sure that your no less than “10” :o)

The party, was unimaginably awesome…

check out these details… (remember to click the pics to enlarge it)

… and here’s her pup, guarding us off. “Nice Doggy, picture! picture!”

and here she is…

some shots at her Ancestral home at Wack-Wack subdivision (check out their view of St. Francis Square as her backdraft: *These shots by Allan A. (megapixels)*

Sweet Regine with her barkada…

… Wattha! Yup! She can sing too… it’s a fair world, is it not?)

Bhoy, she really knows how to throw a party!

Here’s a group pix of “Da promotor!!!” (Loi Villarama and his Angels)

and of course, her Photo AVP flashback!

venue: Wack-wack Golf and Country Club



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