Looking for Graphics and Video editors

Hi there! Thanks for the frequent visit!

We are megapixels! We consider ourselves as  a “still” small studio with a small number of hands!  We are full for 2009 and anticipating 2010 would be even richer!  So then, were looking into new breeds to join our band!

We’ll be looking for Graphic Artist and Video Editors. What will they be doing? Well it’ll sure be lot of things:

Creative/Graphics Editors – will primarily be doing layouts guided to my style of work! OR it can be a mix of yours and mine! As part of the creative team, you’ll also be given a chance to learn and even do photography with me! In house trainings, studio workshops, actual weddings would be our playground. Studio routine would be also be included, such as Backing up media,  preparation for the next shoot, etc.

Video editors – would also do lots of work including rough cutting or prepping footages, shooting with us on at weddings/corporate shoots, assisting with gear and lighting setups on other shoots.  You’ll also be given the chance to learn and shoot videography with us!

We will be interviewing as soon as tomorrow and look for somebody to start soon. We would prefer somebody looking for more of a career more than just an OJT. Work would be at our Main Office along Marcos Highway (Just past Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall/Robinson’s Metro East)

We would be looking for self-directed people, team player, disciplined, passionate about art, photography, shoots, filming, weddings.

if your interested – throw me a mail at ferdie@megapixels.com.ph or call 6451848 / 6457165 during office hours.