Ian + Lisa


It’s one weird summer weather, don’tyatink? Nice, bright, sunny Morning… then suddenly, rain poured in the afternoon…!!!

It would have been one enchanted garden wedding for Ian and Lisa but sigh, did the rain ruin it? I guess not, it was God’s simple way of enclaving it all! I must say, the organizers (Imagik Events Management) did a splendid job… it seemed like it was a well organized “Plan B”!

I was not present during this wedding which means “No shots by me in this post!” I was in another videography engagement far West of Manila.


I heard the guys had a hard time doing this shoot as the rain poured heavily causing a lot of power interruptions (blackout) and the like. It was like shooting in the dark with candle lights, a Dramatic wedding indeed! How romantic isn’t it? Nonetheless, there was nothing stopping Ian and Lisa. And the interesting part…at the time: “Kiss the bride!”…and suddenly, “There WAS LIGHT!!!” The electric power suddenly came back! Whooohoooo!!! What a wedding!

check out their onsite video below…

Here a shot of their unique cake… interesting!

Congratulations Ian and Lisa!

… Not to forget, their onsite wedding video. “A Two thumbs up! (despite the circumstances!!!)”



Preparation / Venue: Callospa Resort, Antipolo City



Ian and Lisa - May 16, 2008 - 1:44 am

Hi to the amazing team of Megapixels!

To Pastor Joey, Mafie, Allan, Vic, Emman and Bobby… (hope i did not forget someone)Thank you very much for your patience and determination! 🙂
Despite of the rain and the power interruptions, your work is superb! Two thumbs up!

One lesson learned… In a once in a lifetime event such as wedding, everything can go wrong. Unexpected things will happen. They say that there are no perfect weddings, only perfect moments. And these perfect moments can only be captured by the lens. At the end of the day, you will appreciate the beauty of yourself, your work, the people around you and your place in PHOTOS AND VIDEO. You will be amazed with how beautiful that moment was! All your stress, sadness and disappointment will be gone!

I’m speaking through experience. Our perfect moments were captured by the best people (MEGAPIXELS). You just can’t imagine how artistic and creative they are! Pastor Joey, Allan, & Vic you are really blessed! You see the perfect angle and the perfect shot. Thanks for also making me smile during the pictorial. You are so energetic! Vic, impressive camera movements (parang kala mo naka trail ang camera!di ka pasmado!hehehe!) Emman and Bobby, thanks for your patience. I heard Emman is the graphic artist… wow! How I wish I’m good as you. Hope you can teach me one day. Hehehe! Mafie, you are fantastic! My day won’t be complete without watching your onsite video. And take note, I watch it in the morning, afternoon and even before bedtime! You chose the perfect video shots of Vic. You know when we are pretty and handsome! Hehehe! 🙂

Of course, the last but not the least, Sir Ferds… Very cute blogs! You are multi-talented! You are not just a great photographer, but a writer as well! 🙂 Thanks for the very nice write up. It’s great that you do not just take pictures and videos of your clients, but you are one with them. You exert effort in knowing them and you take note/remember the event. It only shows that you have a concern with your clients. 🙂 Nice job!

To all of you, may God bless you and your family! (speechless ako sa sobrang galing nio!) hahahaha! Hope to work with you again! 🙂

To those who read my comment or should i say my novel, entrust your photos and videos to MEGAPIXELS! You won’t regret it!

When Ian and I grow old, we might forget our wedding, but by just looking at the photos and videos, we shall say “NEVER THOUGHT THAT “FAIRY TALE WEDDINGS” DO COME TRUE…”

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