B+B in Batangas, Brian + Beng (07 Mar 2009)

Posted by: FerdieFlores, MSCE, Philippine Wedding Photographer

Event Date: 7 Mar 2009
Preparation: Days Hotel,  Batangas City
Ceremonies: Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Batangas City
Reception Venue: Ginazel’s Function Hall, Batangas City

I was not feeling well during that day and to make matters worse, I have to drive the team down South to Batangas City.  It was good that the extension of the STAR tollway was already open. I didn’t take us long to get to Beng’s place. It was quite strange coz my baby boy was admitted at SLMC, my daughter was vomiting before I left, and Jeng felt the same the next day…It must have been something we ate :/ Oh well, there was a job that was needed to be done!

We headed straight to Beng’s home (the bride’s) as instructed.  We unloaded all our gears only to find out we were just having lunch. Beng’s family was so kind to treat us lunch before the shoot! 🙂 And so basically,  “we ate and run!” Haha! Off we go to Days hotel, where Brian and Beng were preparing!

We arrived 3 hours early at Day Hotel where Beng and Brian gave a warm welcome… here’s the shoot!…

…at the reception!

special Thanks to Eric and Lady for referring us… 🙂 deeply appreciated!  Twas glad to see you guys!

To Brian and Beng: Congratulations and Warm Wishes! 🙂

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