Sophia Venice scores "1" as she enters Christianity

Tita Joy (Ms. Dy), a dear cleint of ours, dropped by the studio 3 days before the event. We all thought it was just an ordinary Palm Sunday – Christening. It’s a good thing I wasn’t busy so I decided to tag along with the team. Upon arrival, we were all surprised… it was also Venice’s 1st birthday. Whoooa!

We got to Sophia Venice‘s place, hospitably been served breakfast (Thank you! Thank You!), and upon entry to Venice’s room… we all said “Hu-Wow!” We’ll be expecting a party!

as a starter, check out the cute invitation.

and here she is… (remember to right-click the pictures and “enlarge view” it)


… with Mommy, no wonder Venice is soooo pretty!





The party? I must say… absolutely Fabulous!

check out her cake!

… the take-homes/give-aways! Don’t worry, there’s plenty for everyone!

… lots and lots of food… here are the appetizers!

… no wonder, even with the Manny Pacquiao Boxing Feud, the guest turn-out was unexpectedly insurmountable.

and the major prizes, whoooa…3 brand new cellphones!


I wonder if he’s really a guest, lucky guy!

Well if you ask me, if there’s a party like this, I’ll definitely come, no invitations needed! Hehe!


To the Dy’s, many, many, many Thanks! Thanks! for inviting us! :o)

Happy, Happy, Happy birthday Venice and welcome to Christianity!!!

Church (Baptismal) Minor Basilica de San Lorenzo (Binondo Church), Manila

Venue: Century Park Hotel, Harrison, Manila.

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