Rodel+May (10 Jan 2009)

Posted by Ferdie Flores, MSCE, Philippine Wedding Photographer

Event Date: 10 Jan 2009
Preparation: Diamond Hotel, Manila
Ceremonies: Sacred Heart of Jesus National Shrine, Makati
Reception: Palacio de Manila, Roxas Blvd, Manila
HMU: Make-up by Jeng Sy-Flores

It was another meticulously prepared wedding… the turn out?… a wedding close to perfection!!!

I was quite surprised how Rodel listed the things he wanted for their onsite video, every detail, every clip he wanted to match every phrase of the song… Hmmmm… Mafie was up to the challenge… we didn’t disappoint! Watch their onsite video!!!

Rodel + May onsite wedding video from Ferdie Flores on Vimeo.

Sharing with you more shots during their wedding:

To Rodel and May: Cheers!!! Best Wishes! 🙂

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Rodel & May - January 13, 2009 - 8:26 am

Hi Ferdie & the rest of your team,

We are still looking for the right words to convey how much you’ve made us joyful, ecstatic… overwhelmed..

We really made the right decision to select you as our photo-video supplier for our wedding. As what we told to Mafie, if the highest possible grade for the service is 5-star, we will give you more than that!

Again, thank you and more power to Megapixels!

dk - January 20, 2009 - 6:58 am

Galing ng mga kuha . . .
Happy was part of this milestone in a friend’s life.

Ian S - May 3, 2009 - 1:44 am

Impressive shots indeed!!!

Congratulations May and Rodel and best wishes 🙂

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