Joseph + Melanie ( June 27, 2010 ) A Sofitel Philippine Plaza/Manila Cathedral Wedding

Posted by Ferdie Flores, MSCE, Philippine Wedding Photographer

Makeup by Jeng Sy-Flores, Hair by Martini
Preparation Venue: Hotel Sofitel (Philippine Plaza Hotel)

I guess I need to share these as well! I usually go out and be my wife’s Personal Makeup Photographer… haha!
Jeng’s client last Saturday what somehow for me extraordinary!… I guess, they are superduper rich… but still as humble as a child! I got the chance to enter Imperial Suite of the Hotel Sofitel. I didn’t know there was such a room. How big was it? I think it covered more than 200 sq.m! It was so huge that the hotel charges a whopping US$5000 per night! Well, that beats a room in Vegas! and check this out, Melanie (the bride) told us that it was their 4th day in the room! Wow!!!

Best Wedding Makeup Artist in the Philippines
Back to my Photography blog, actually i didn’t get the Wedding Photography Project and on vacant days like these, I just tag along with her!   But to my surprise, the Wedding Photographer for their day was a very, very close friend of mine : Vs2studio (PJ and Belle Villegas), it was so comfortable to shoot but just the same, i stay on the side and leave the lead Photographer the works!

More Photos in  Jeng’s website. cheers!


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