8-8-8 (Glenn + Bea)

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You may have wondered, why on Earth it was unusually traffic almost everywhere last Friday in Manila?… Well apart from being a week ender, it was 8-8-8 (August 8, 2008)… For the chinese, it was a day of luck as the Chineses regard 8 as the luckiest number!  Incidentally, 8 is also mine and my wife’s favorite number! It’s a perfect day to get married! Almost every church are booked for a wedding… and here is our share! Glenn and Bea’s Blissful Fernbrook wedding day!

Bea… the bride, was so beautiful during that day, she resembles but looks prettier than Toni Gonzaga! 🙂 and even more “Kikay” which looked nice in the photos!

Here are some shots:

Their unique wedding invitation… Bea being a flight stewardess had their invites looked like flight tickets/voucher.

Glenn… the groom, dashing  as ever was just having a grand time of his life… smiling all the time!

…and their Fernbrook Gardens wedding… breathtaking!!  Fernbrook Gardens… regarded as one the most beautiful wedding venue!  It was a fullpacked wedding day at Fernbrook Gardens, Muntinlupa City!  It think the place was serving 4-5 weddings simultaneously during the late afternoons to the evening.

…and their onsite video with the song of their choice… their theme song probably!

To Glenn and Bea: May your life be full of Blessings and Eights-8-8’s (Best of Luck) .  Congratulations!!!

Preparations:   Bellevue Hotel, Alabang

Ceremonies/Venue:  Fernbrook Garders, Muntinlupa City

bj - August 11, 2008 - 3:17 pm

hi sir ferdie, its me bj from glenn and bea’s friend. you got a lot of nice captures here.. 🙂 keep the shooting passion up! 🙂

Ferdie - August 22, 2008 - 3:38 pm

Hi BJ,

Thanks for looking up! 🙂 We hope to see you often in our site. 🙂

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