1 megapixel goes down under

It’s Holy week, time to repent, time to do each and other’s way of sacrifice. We certainly made ours… we’ve let a good one walk away!

These days, good help are hard to find! She’s a very, very responsible and reliable person. She’s a true person, a friend, a dramatic queen with a strong personality! If she wants to, she can convince anyone(pasigaw nga lang, taga-Marikina eh!)… as long as it stands for the truth and the righteous.

She’s the one, most probably responsible for getting us to where we are!… She’s Miss Maricel Mendoza, soon to be Mrs. Jason “Cruickshank”? (I hope I got the spelling right!). You and I call her “Mache“.

She left for OZ “Down under” Australia today to meet and prepare for their binding.

(photos by Jojo A. (megapixels), looks by make-up by Jeng-Sy-flores and Carlan Teng)

We’ll definitely miss her! :o)

to Mache: thanks for the heartfelt cheers, for the love and sacrifices… thanks for being a megapixel! We’ll see you at your wedding! Pray that we all get a VISA (on-site video/album anyone?) hehe! :o)

Hinay sa Yosi dyan ha (mahal! dollars na eh!!!)

We wish you all the Best! Good luck. Ingats ka parati and God Bless!



Jeng Flores - March 22, 2008 - 3:40 am

Gusto mo ba ng chika? He he! The usual question that she would ask me pag may bago sa kanya! I will definitely miss that and of course Mache. Para kaming naputuluan ng isang kamay when she left but though it’s hard for us to let her go, we are so happy for her that she finally met the man of her dreams. To Mache, we’ll see you this September syempre ako magpapaganda sayo, he he!! Take care of yourself always and God Bless you!

Jojo Alvarez - March 24, 2008 - 4:12 am

“Austriliyano ba kamo? ibottomless mo!”

that’s her most recent quotable quote. the very last from Ms. CATINDIG herself.

we will surely miss this girl. we will surely miss her playlist. we can’t imagine starting our day without that “to the lep, to the lep” song. we can’t imagine that we will not be hearing that ear-popping ” jojo, pon! one eight!” whenever sumone is calling me. and all those super corny jokes, you’re such a queen. you always get away with it with such grace.

seriously, she left a vacuum on her wake. no foot will ever fit for such a great shoe. you’ll always be what you are. IRREPLACEABLE. (damn! did that just come right out from me?)

Emms - March 25, 2008 - 4:05 am

Who would not miss Mache’s presence?

She always starts your day with stories (aside from her “gusto mo ba ng chika?”)ranging from “mga kwentong barbero” and supernatural stuffs from the “kulam”, to “bulong”, to “caballeros & aswang”, and “may mga sapi” (possessed) Pati ako nasapian daw according to her. hahaha. Syempre, natakaot ang lola mo! (hehehe!).

Hay! :<

Sincerely, I’m really happy for you and what life brings you. Hope distance won’t change a bit of you.

Till then, may mansion pa tayong itatayo… (hehehe)

conservative - March 27, 2008 - 2:35 am

hugot muna….
hay nako.. nawala n ang kasabwat ko at ang isang paa ko.. nakakainis ka! wala nako kasama s pagpunta g bonchalet.. wla nko aantayen s 711, wla n rin susundo keaustyne pag me bdayan, wala ng ang magsasabe n ayun nkita mo maye? me anino s bintana.. gumagalaw ung kurtina eh sinisilip ako ni kiko.. wala n ang hibang n mache.. un ang mamimiss ko..pag dumadaan ako s bahay nyo walang lingon.. nakakalokah!! nung gabe nga nun umalis k andun ako s bonchalet… hehehe nakakainis..
enewei, sana maapruv ang visa ko pray naten.. o xa makatulog n muna.. ingat kau jan bka makalimutan mo ang pills.. ung lokah mo inaanak nakadikit ang picture nyo s pader kaharap nya pagmatutulog, at nung isang gabe nakita ni mommy nasa bintana umiiyak… hahaha! see? ang laki mong kawalan……
miss you…God Bless..

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